7 Cool AF Dad Hats You Needed Like Yesterday

If you’re hardly a follower of brands but have a tendency to avoid buying off-brand products, how about parading your inclinations with merchandise that takes a playful jab at both? 

Check our collection of the coolest baseball caps that morph iconic company logos with wordplay and “dad jokes”—slightly painful quips often cracked by corny dads. 

Dad Hats are perfect for expressing your emotions on days you don’t feel like saying much and work as a passive-aggressive way to put your point across.

Check full collection of logo parody hats here.


Muscle Man - Dad Hat

Looking at this logo, 9 out of 10 people (shame on that 1 person) would probably know off the top of their head that this is the Batman logo…just a lot buffer.

Batman is probably the most famous superhero, besides Superman of course. This logo mashup drops the Batman wing and adds some serious gains to the arms of the Batman silhouette.

Hard to hide, this clever parody would probably appeal to all gym enthusiasts who want some superhero gains 💪


Rolex Dad Hat

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that produces about 2,000 watches per day (fun fact). A lot of celebs have been spotted rockin’ Rolex’s, some of which include Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Champagne Papi aka Drake to name a few.

With these watches being crafted from the finest raw materials, bling and crazy attention to detail it’s no wonder why celebs rock the Rolex brand.

While this parody doesn't have much to do with the brand itself, it has a creative play on its name, in which Rolex becomes Relax – yeah, we see what you did there, cute.


Bad Boujee - Dad Hat

Bad & Boujee Dad Hat Baseball Cap

Barbie is an iconic fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel. Almost every little girl had a Barbie doll growing up because let’s face it, Barbie was the shit back then (and still kind of is).

What was cool about this fashion doll was not only her endless wardrobe options, but she had her own dream house, a convertible car, and a handsome bae named Ken – umm, #ladygoals.

Barbie may have started as just a doll, but eventually became a household name in the American toy industry. She’s actually named after a girl named Barbara. Perhaps Barbara was Boujee?

Fun fact - The word boujee is derived from “bourgeois,” an elite demographic defined by a need for luxury and material items. Do your thang Barbie😎

Sexsi – Dad Hat

Sexsi Dad Hat Baseball Cap Pepsi

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink produced and manufactured by the popular food and beverage company PepsiCo.

It’s become one of the go-to soft drinks to help you wash down that taco you just scarfed down at Taco Bell…or maybe you’re more of a McDonald’s type of person?

Either way, this bottle of sugary, carbonated goodness has been refreshing peoples taste buds for over 100 years, can you believe that?

This logo parody of the Pepsi logo is pretty creative and witty, turning Pepsi into Sexsi. I mean, who says you can’t look “Sexsi” like Beyoncé or Kendall Jenner while chugging your Pepsi?


Celebrate – Dad Hat

Celebrate Dad Hat Baseball Cap

“Free the joy” with a Cadbury bar 🍫 Cadbury is a brand that sells delicious, premium chocolate candy bars and drinks for all chocolate lovers.

You can even personalize the chocolate bar with your name, so no one could ever say they didn’t know it was yours, hah!

Chocolate is used to celebrate any special occasion, it’s the “candy of love” so-to-speak. It’s also used to cure hangry-ness (trust me).

This logo parody perhaps is well suited for all of the chocolate lovers out there or anyone who simply wants to celebrate life!


Codeine - Dad Hat

Codeine - Dad Hat Baseball Cap inspired by Coca-Cola

Coca Cola, or Coke, is one of the most popular carbonated soft drinks on the market and produced by The Coca-Cola Company. Its carbonated deliciousness has become a bit of a rival to PepsiCo over the years.

This addictive carbonated soft drink has been quenching our thirst for the last 130 years 😳(I know, I’m shocked too). The Coca-Cola Company is well-known for the dynamic ribbon and Spenserian script used in its logo. This logo parody switches Coke to Codeine.

Codeine syrup is used for treating cough and other upper respiratory symptoms caused by allergies or the common cold, but it's often abused as a recreational drug.


Prince - Dad Hat

Prince Dad Hat Baseball Cap inspired by Pringles logo

Pringles is an American brand of potato and wheat-based stackable snack chips owned by Kellogg's that come in an assortment of flavors and a really cool looking can.

Let’s face it, we all finished a can of Pringles and used the can for loose change or something at some point – or maybe that was just me? Most of us were psyched when we got them in our Lunchables kit as kids.

Now that we’re adults and all, its’ become one of the go-to snacks for when you have the munchies 😉 This classic Pringle logo was remixed into a Prince parody. Why?

Perhaps it was the bold red bow tie that makes you think of a classic man, a gentleman and well...a prince.

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