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How to find the perfect hat for your face shape [Guide]

What’s the best hat for me?

Hats are like love. There’s a hat out there for everyone…and once you find it, you’ll know. We’re good at playing matchmaker. We want to help you find the perfect hat. 

If you have a small face, a smaller hat will suit it, whereas a larger hat will overwhelm it and only make your petite features appear smaller.

If you’re looking for a little hat love, read this guide to get started. We’ll walk you through the basics.

It depends of your face shape.

Determine your face shape in order to pick the best hat that fits you

We can distinguish the following face types:

  • Short and wide face shape
  • Short and narrow face shape
  • Large oval and square face shape

Whatever is your face shape - we will help you choose the style that works best for you.

Snapback, Dad Hat or Fitted?

A good hat can upgrade your entire look, pulling an outfit together while giving you a chic, confident air. Luckily, there's a style for everyone out there. But the trick to finding "the one" has to do with the proportions of your face.

Finding the perfect hat shape for your face is all about creating balance and working with your natural features to juxtapose elements you either want to highlight or minimize.

See our guide below to determine your face shape.

1. Short and wide face shape

Short and wide face shape fits snapback hat

For short and wide type face you should find a hat that adds a little bit of height to your head. This means that whichever hat you're going to wear - you want it to seat nicely on the top of your head, rather than flat like a pancake.

The key to achieving this look is finding the right size. We suggest undersize it a tiny bit so it's seats on top of your head - where your head starts to curve.


If you have a short and wide face, place the hat on top of your head.

That way it doesn't cover too much of your face and guarantees the hat will keep your overall hight and overall shape. To sum it up: height is always a good thing.

Short and wide face of Chance The Rapper

Solution: Snapback hat, Fitted hat or any other hat that adds to your height.


2. Short and narrow face shape

Short and narrow face shape fits dad hat

A lot of people think that this is ideal face and head shape if you're into hats. This would be Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Wayne and a bunch of others.

If you have a short and narrow face, you will look good in any but large hats.

If this is your face shape you will probably want to stay away from large hats like fitted type. They would overpower your face and head shape. We would recommend to go with dad hats, unstructured hats and baseball caps.

A lot of celebrities are bringing the dad hat with a curved brim back for a chic street look.

Short and narrow face shape - Chris Brown

Solution: can caps, snapback hats and strapback hats.


3. Large oval and square face shape

Long oval and square face shape fits fitted hat

If your face fits into this category aka you are a big head - this is where the fitted hat with a big brim work out really well.

If you have a larger face, you will need an equally sizable hat to complement it.

Fitted hats are going to be a good option because they're really going to extend the shape of your face. They sort of have the square shape themselves, so extending the square shape face with a square shape hat is want you want to go for.

Large and square face shape - 50 Cent

Solution: Fitted large hats.


Basic rules to find the best hat

Basically is about extending whatever shape you're working with. 

The only real way to figure out if you like the way a hat looks on your head is to try on as many as possible. If all else fails, we suggests throwing a dad hat on before you head out.

Baseball caps can pretty much flatter anyone and look great if you're running errands or attending a casual sporting event. 

Faces shapes and baseball caps that fits them well